Drug War 40

The global war as seen from the center of North America

Criminalization and dehumanization: Conflating immigration, drugs and security

This is an important conversation to have. Many scholars, analysts and advocates have noted the danger to a rational public policy discourse when the issues of security, immigration and crime are conflated into one ball of “build the damn wall higher” and “kick ’em all out.” We might add that putting the Drug War in a national security context adds exponentially to the atmosphere of militarization of the border.

From a piece by Laura Carlsen, which can be read here.

The growing criminalization and dehumanization of Mexican undocumented immigrants has fomented a legal limbo where human rights, including the right to life itself, fall prey to ill-defined national security concerns. It has fostered a political climate where security forces and vigilantes argue openly that fatal attacks on citizens from other countries in a non-war context are justified simply because they lack a visa. Such governance without respect for basic human rights is nothing but a dangerous lie.


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