Drug War 40

The global war as seen from the center of North America

“Citizens must make their voices heard”

To sign a petition in support of this effort, go here.

For immediate release

El Paso, Texas

For more information, contact Susie Byrd, El Paso City Council
Representative, at 915-204-9813 or susiebyrd2009@gmail.com




*Media Conference*

* *

*What:* El Paso and Las Cruces community leaders to gather to present
“Declaration in Support of Ciudad Juárez and Its Efforts to Reduce The
Violence Related to Drug Trafficking”

*When:* Monday May 17, 2010 at 1 P.M. (Mountain Standard Time)

*Where:* Lion’s Plazita (910 S. Santa Fe St., at the base of the Paso del
Norte Bridge on Stanton Street, El Paso, Texas)

On May 19, 2010, President Barack Obama will host a State Dinner for Mexican
President Felipe Calderón.

In anticipation of that meeting, community leaders—including local elected
officials, civic leaders, faith leaders, business leaders and academics from
El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico—will gather to call on President
Obama to recognize that the U.S. 40-year War on Drugs has been a dismal
social, economic and policy failure.

One of the organizers of this effort, Professor Oscar J. Martinez states,
“This is one of the most critical moments in the history of Ciudad
Juárez and El Paso. At this time of crisis, citizens must make their voices
heard. Change is needed like never before. We must begin the process now of
ending the violence in our binational region.”

The Drug War has not achieved its goals of reducing drug consumption and
drug access, and narco-related violence along the U.S.-Mexico border is
raging at unprecedented levels with no end in sight. The seven point
“Declaration in Support of Ciudad Juárez and Its Efforts to Reduce The
Violence Related to Drug Trafficking” asks for reform of current drug laws
and drug enforcement policies as a way to help curb violence related to drug
trafficking in Mexico. We will ask that President Obama and President
Calderón take serious steps to reform drug laws and the U.S./Mexico
relationship to help bring an end to the violence in Juárez.

The Declaration will be presented at the media conference with a call to the
public to contact President Obama and other federal elected officials to
demand immediate and sustained action until such time as the violence in
Juárez has been reduced.


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