Drug War 40

The global war as seen from the center of North America

Wright: Legal drugs

Does anybody step on the third rail by accident? Did Santiago Creel decide it’s time to be a statesman because he’s got no future as a politician?

He lost to Felipe Calderon in the PAN’s last presidential primary. He is a scion of one of the country’s most fabled and illustrious families, the Creel Terrazas clan. Even in Mexico, the legalization of drugs is a hot button issue. Has Santiago Creel decided that reason outweighs politics in his own future?

Some may remember that small quantities of marijuana, and other drugs, were legalized in Mexico a year ago.

I asked a friend of mine, the retired professional wrestler El Vikingo about the legalization of drugs and he said, “Yeah, right. Go smoke a joint in front of the army and see what happens.”

So the law may have changed, but the enforcement policies haven’t. Addicts were always usually released for small quantities of drugs anyway. I was with a junkie once and the police frisked us. They gave him back his rig. You’re still likely to be arrested, (and “interrogated”) for a little pot.

Contrary to the expectations of many on this side of the river, drug tourism hasn’t flourished in Mexico. All tourism in Mexico has been curtailed by the accumulation of corpses that litter the streets and newspapers.

Maybe Mexico should re-legalize drug use every couple of years, just for the publicity.

— Rich Wright


Here’s the link to the germinal story:


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