Drug War 40

The global war as seen from the center of North America

Drug War discussion at NMSU

With nearly 5,000 murders occurring since 2008 in our sister city of
Ciudad Juárez, an immediate bi-national response is necessary. In
2010 alone, 563 people have been killed and no end is in sight.
Kidnapping and extortion has skyrocketed. This forum seeks to address
this ongoing violence.

It will bring together colleagues from the
Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, Juárez activists, and Juarez
citizens to educate the NMSU community about their work, advocacy, and
experiences living in what is described as “the most violent city in
the World.” Ultimately, we intend for the forum to produce productive
dialogues across the border, and between communities that have been
shattered by this violence.

Crossing the Line: Border Violence, Citizen Outrage and Community

When: April 22, 2010

Where: Hardman Hall Rm.106

Time: 6-8pm


Photo Courtesy of TU Revista Latina

Speakers include: Dr. Hector Padilla (UACJ, Political Scientist), Dr.
Hugo Almada (UACJ, Sociologist), Dra. Myrna Limas (Observatorio de
Violencia Social y de Género de la UACJ, CEDIMAC), Lic. Gustavo de la
Rosa Hickerson (UACJ, Human Rights Attorney, Chihuahua Human Rights
Ombudsman), and Sra. Paula Flores (Fundación Maria Sagrario)
Sponsored by: NMSU Criminal Justice Department, NMSU Language &
Linguistics, C.A.M.P. and Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez


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