Drug War 40

The global war as seen from the center of North America

Drug War discussion at UTEP today

Howard Campbell, author of Drug War Zone and Professor of Anthropology, Juan Sandoval, Librarian at the UTEP Library, and Moira Murphy of the Center for Inter-American and Border Studies and University College lead a session of lecture, debate and discussion on drug policy, drug violence and people’s lives in the border region. Go here for details.


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  1. Sherry Lewis says:

    I attended the discussion, which was too short! There are so many people with stories of importance and poignance, and there wasn’t enough time to devote to their comments.
    As a speech teacher, I felt the film at the beginning, while significant, seemed to go on too long. Perhaps the music the television station added in the background added to my sense of wondering when we were going to see what we needed to see in order to appreciate the point. Perhaps Dr. Campbell could have mentioned how long the clip ran.
    He and Mr. Barker were both well-spoken and the rest of the discussion was riveting.

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