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DPS Director: Spillover is here

The following are a few takes on DPS director Steve McCraw’s recent testimony before the Texas House Committee on Emergency Preparedness, starting with a comment posted on the Borderland Beat site:

The situation on the Texas side of the border is serious. In Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon and Chihuahua it is critical. But for DPS Director Steve McCraw to state that drug violence in northern Mexico is worse than what occurred in Colombia in the 80’s and that terrorist tactics did not occur in Colombia is a blatant lie whose agenda is to ensure the re-election of our “Illustrious” Gov. Rick Perry. These are the same old tactics used by Perry’s mentor “Dubya” Bush to frighten and intimidate the unthinking populace into voting correctly before elections. Steve, have you ever heard of the “Colombian” necktie? Can you explain how the following tragedies were not terrorism:

car and truck bombings that have killed hundreds in Bogota and throughout Colombia since the 80’s? the bombing of the Avianca Airlines plane over Colombia that killed 110 passengers and crew including 2 Americans and for which the U.S. Justice Dept. charged Pablo Escobar? illegal paramilitary groups(AUC) and guerrilla armies(FARC), both financed largely through cocaine trafficking, that have murdered, kidnapped and disappeared tens of thousands since the 80’s? The most current data on overall homicide rates show Colombia at 114.5 homicides per 100,000 citizens and Mexico at 17.8 homicides per 100,000 citizens. So, Steve McCraw, either you are a shameless manipulator or the most inept director in the history of the DPS. As any resident or law enforcement agency from Brownsville to Laredo can tell you, drug related crime including assaults and homicides aka “spillover” has always been present. In fact, to use Webb county as an example, spillover violence was just as bad if not worse during the Fred Gomez Carrasco era in the 70’s and the Gonzalez Bath era in the 90’s.

Other coverage:

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— Brownsville Herald: DPS Director: Spillover is here

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